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Ultimate landscape design software to simply create professional landscape designs better, faster, smarter and funner®. 

Measure & Draw with Moasure

Measure and draw at the same time, capturing elevation changes as you go. All in a fraction of the time it used to take.

No more wasting time transforming scribbled measurements into drawings, Moasure does it all for you while you go.

Moasure makes light work of measuring large or small complex areas – accurately capturing measurement data and plotting a diagram as you move around.

Utilize LANDWorksCAD

Make no mistake, you can rest-easy knowing that when you bring measured drawings from Moasure into your landscape plan you’ll be making the most of the data you collected on site.

  • Existing trees and plants will be in their correct positions and drawn to their correct size.
  • Existing hardscapes, buildings, features and edging will already be a part of your drawing.
  • Proposed designs can reference accurate drawing data, no more guesswork for measurements you couldn’t capture using a tape.

LANDWorksCAD lets you match the Moasure drawing to satellite images and architects plans so you have everything in alignment before you begin. 

A Perfect Complement to Moasure

Working with slopes? No problem, LANDWorksCAD uses Moasure’s 3D drawings to automatically create digital terrain models and automatic contour plans.

Know and understand slopes for designing stairs, paths and retaining walls. Moasure captures heights perfectly and LANDWorksCAD lets you refine your design using real world measurements.

LANDWorksCAD is a world leading landscape design software and the perfect complement to Moasure's completely new way of measuring.

Learn more about LANDWorksCAD

Learn how LANDWorksCAD makes it easy to create professional, accurate landscape designs and documentation.

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