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David Stratton

Mat Baroudi
An English Gardener Landscaping

Joshua Apodaca
Artificial Grass Masters

Tom Bradley
Bradley's Surfacing Systems

Connor Healy
Healy Fencing & Landscaping

The team at
Dragon Play & Sports

Scott Baker
Tidybricks Landscaping

Mike Barber
Elevate Outdoor Living

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Earthworks essential!

"I am an excavation contractor in NZ, having seen the Moasure on social media and watched a few YouTube reviews. I decided to purchase one about 6 weeks ago, it goes everywhere with me now and is so quick and accurate I would never go back to the old ways! The amount of data you get and ease of sharing is amazing, also my clients are impressed with the technology and instant information. The time saving for me is fantastic, I don't have to go away and spend hours calculating before I have an answer. Worth every dollar, the only thing you’ll wish is you didn’t get one sooner!"

- Nick Elliott, New Zealand

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Paul Dixon
Game changer

The Moasure device and app are an absolute game changer for me! The second I started using Moasure I knew that it would change the way I collected data in the field, and so much more.

The ability of measure, calculate, and collect data all at the same time is absolutely amazing for data collection in the field. No more dragging out walking wheels, tape measures, zip-levels, and transits to estimates. I now take the Moasure and stick to every single job site. Big or small, it collects the data efficiently, and accurately every time.

The other amazing part I love about Moasure, is all data points are collected and stored directly onto my phone. With a few clicks of a button, I can fire off the collected data to co-workers, clients, or myself. The ease and ability to collect info and instantly send to info via email is amazing. I can also send the info in a DXF format, and then upload directly in SketchUp (my design software of choice). That is huge! It would take me hours to collect measurements, shoot elevations, write them all down, and then I would have to tranfer it all into my computer program. Now, thanks to Moasure, a few clicks of a button and I am building the landscape in a matter of minutes. Not hours!

In conclusion, I could not be happier with Moasure. It has become one of my favorite tools to use not only in the field, but also the office. Thank you for making such a great product! I am only beginning my Moasure journey, and excited for the future! Thank you

Paul Harrower
Wish I had this years ago!

We run a small irrigation and turf business and for years we hand measured all perimeters of the customers yards. Taking a good hour or longer. Now with Moasure is done in ten minutes and so precise. Thanks for such a valuable piece of equipment. Regards the team at Hydro Lawn Solutions

This is a awesome little tool

I’m still learning to use all the features but it’s a great tool to carry in my truck to get more accurate measurement for quotes.

Ryan McLaughlin
Moasure is redefining how we measure for our job sites.

Moasure has redefined the way we measure in our workplace. It's like having a digital tape measure in your pocket at all times. The moasure device is also spot on with it's accuracy. It's incredible how much time and money moasure has saved us on a daily basis.

Donnie Taylor
Taylor's Custom Concrete LLC

So glad I made this purchase. The stick really helps and the device is great for what I need.

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